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PIP Breast Implant Alert

In Europe, women with breast enlargements are being advised to contact their surgeon amid concerns about the safety of a certain type of implant. A French inquiry has found that Poly Implant Prostheses – or PIPs – are filled with … Continue reading

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Wellness in Winter – Propolis can Fend Off Those Colds

For many of us in the mid and higher latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere it is winter time. A time when sniffles and snuffles and coughs and colds are prevalent and spread among most communities and workplaces. And how often … Continue reading

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40% of Cancers are Avoidable

Cancer isĀ  Not Just a Matter of Happenchance In UK around 130,000 casesĀ  of cancer are diagnosed each year. The findings of a major extensive and in depth analysis of the causes of cancers have been published in the British … Continue reading

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