40% of Cancers are Avoidable

Cancer is  Not Just a Matter of Happenchance

In UK around 130,000 cases  of cancer are diagnosed each year.

The findings of a major extensive and in depth analysis of the causes of cancers have been published in the British Journal of Cancer.

The headline finding is:

Four in every ten of all cancers diagnosed in the UK each year are caused by avoidable life choices including smoking, drinking and eating the wrong things, the study report reveals.

Lead author, Professor Max Parker states “Many people believe cancer is down to fate or is ‘in the genes’ and its luck of the draw whether they get it.”   Prof Parker continues:

“Looking at the evidence it’s clear that around 40% of all cancers are caused by things we mostly have the power to change”

The top related causes  differ between men and women.  Among 150,000 men and among 150,000 women  in UK  cancer diagnoses, the findings showed related causes as follows:

In men:  
In women: 
      Tobacco Smoking  causes  nearly  1 in 4 cancers  [23%]

Lack of fruit and veg consumption causes 1 in 16 cancers  [ 6+%]

Alcohol and obesity  cause  nearly 1 in 11 cancers   [9%]

      Smoking causes nearly 1 in 6 cancers   [15+%]

Obesity  causes  around 1 in 14 cancers   [7 -%]

Sunbeds  cause  about    1 in  27 cancers   [4-%]

Alcohol, Lack of fruit and veg, and Infection  each account for 1 in 30 cancers

So the message is clear :

Take control of your life and take control early by creating healthy habits.

Take action now.       Train  your children.

For men and women : Quit smoking now – it is a carcinogen – it will likely kill 1 in 4 of you before your time.

For men : Eat fruit and vegetables!!   Cut down your alcohol intake.!     Control your weight!

For women: Control your weight!     Limit sunbed use!    Eat fruit and veg!      Beware alcohol abuse!


And everyone know too that 1 in 5 stomach cancers are related to excess salt added to or within most  fast foods.

I urge you to change your lives for the better.

Resist saying ‘I’ve heard all this before’.  Resist burying your head in the sand.

Look after yourself and guide your family.

Most western government health departments offer help and advice in making changes.  Charitable organizations also.  They understand that making lasting changes of lifestyle are not always easy.  They exist and are dedicated to help you with practical advice and assistance.

A better life and better life enjoyment starts with admitting you have a problem and deciding to  put  it right.

Courage, my friends.  Seize the moment. Dad! Please stop smoking


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