Weightloss – Beat Wintertime Weight Gain

Winter weight gain is a common complaint – so I’ve discovered – of many people, not just me!

It seems that every winter lots of us add a few pounds, and come spring those pounds don’t  naturally fall off again – they hang around – literally!   And so we get a little heavier every year.

Those extra pounds  just seem to ‘suddenly appear’. And they can be really tough to get rid of.   At least, it’s always  like that for me.  I find it ‘hard work’ to get shot of those extra pounds weight!  And it’s easier to stay ahead of the problem if you can;  certainly start taking ‘remedial’ measures before the situation gets really out of hand.

Unwanted weight increase if left unaddressed will affect and change your whole personality and social life as well as your health.

Anyway – enough of the ‘lecture’!   My call to you is ‘Take action!’

271/365 - Naked
Image by oblivion9999 via Flickr

What can be done?   I’ll post some of the  solutions I’ve found.  Maybe you’ll find them helpful too.  Here’s one of them – diet!!

thedsp The Diet Solution Program


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