Coughs, Colds,Sore Throat,Indigestion . . . Top Family Remedies

         The common cold is a viral infection which is often accompanied by sore throat and chestiness. 
Healing Herbs can be a help    It is well known that most proprietary drugs have side effects as a downside to their effectiveness, and of course can be expensive budgetry items, with added expenses when prescribed by a qualified medical professional.   The USA Food and Drugs Agency has decreed that cough linctus must not be given to young children under the age of six.
   Often you will find that provisions a family will ‘commonly’ have in the house can provide effective relief from’ common’ complaints.’ like the cough and cold.
  In this video from  a most helpful range of natural treatments are discussed for the  common ailments that confront most young family members at some time or another  – and which can help adults too!
Can you guess what blowing bubbles is good for?
Below are some proprietry helps you may wish to consider and order.   Click on the images for more information.
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