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 Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse met a patient who told her how an old Indian Medicine Man had said he could cure her breast cancer – which he did.

Rene was much interested and wrote down the four herbs mentioned by this patient.

About a year later she was visiting an elderly, retired doctor that she knew well. As they walked in his garden he used his cane to point out a ‘weed’ and said, ’if people would use this weed there would be very little cancer in the world’. This ‘weed’ was one of the  four used by the Indian Medicine Man.

Shortly after Rene heard that her aunt had cancer of the stomach with liver involvement. She went to visit her and heard that she had been given 6 months to live. On speaking with the doctor, whom she had previously worked with, he agreed to Rene treating her aunt with the four herbs.

Rene treated her with the herb tea and she made a full recovery and lived another 21 years.

This was the start of Rene helping thousands of people, many sent to her by medical doctors.

In 1926 eight of those doctors signed a petition to help Rene set up a clinic but the authorities forbade it!

She did in fact run her own clinic from 1934 and even though she made no charge and was working under the authority of some eminent doctors she was eventually forced to close it in 1942.

The complete story of Rene Caisse has been written by Dr Gary L Glum called The Calling of an Angel documents recovery by thousands of cancer patients who had been certified in writing by their doctors as incurable.

In 1977, Homemaker magazine initiated an investigative story on Essiac. ‘Little by little, our scepticism gave way to a mounting enthusiasm’, two reporters wrote. They interviewed scores of former ‘hopeless’ cancer victims who had been cured from cancer and lived for decades after Essiac treatment. They reviewed hundreds of patients’ cases. They researched the complicated anecdotal and political history and concluded that Caisse’s treatment was genuine.

Rene had 50 years of persecution and died on the 26th December 1978 at the age of 90 after a fall breaking her leg.

She named her tea ‘Essiac’ being her surname spelled backwards.

Here is a 30 minute  ‘documentary style’ essiac video featuring Renee Caisse and relating the battles,and the successes of essiac treatment in the face of extraordinarily mindless persecution.

Notwithstanding what officialdom claims – free your mind and come to your own conclusions.

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