Peace to Your Senses: Create Your Own Relaxation Environment

Oregon Scientific WS903 Aroma Diffuser and Sound Therapy Clock

The Aroma Diffuser and Sound Therapy Clock provides a gentle, more soothing way to wind down after your day. Combining sight, sound, and fragrance, the Aroma Diffuser and Sound Therapy Clock allows your evening to continue without harsh beeps, blaring music, or jarring lights. The nature sounds and soothing, color-changing light combine with an aromatic mist to create a multi-sensory evening – or morning wake-up – experience. An external jack allows you to integrate your own music into your evening experience.

The Aroma Diffuser Elite activates your senses to soothe and invigorate your mind, body, and spirit. This unique product harnesses three types of alternative medicine–aromatherapy, light therapy, and sound therapy–to create a naturally pleasing environment that can positively alter your mood, cognition, and overall health.

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Aroma Diffuser Elite
Choose from six colors to accent your favorite aromatherapy scents.
Aroma Diffuser Elite
The Aroma Diffuser Elite offers a choice of five different relaxing sounds. View larger.

Ultrasonic Technology Safely Diffuses Aroma
Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses aromatic essential oils to enhance wellbeing. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oils into the water reservoir of the Aroma Diffuser Elite, and advanced ultrasonic technology will diffuse the water/oil mixture without heat, using tiny vibrations for safe, silent use. A safety function turns off diffuser automatically when the water level is low.

Six Colors Complement Your Favorite Scents
Color affects mood, so the Aroma Diffuser Elite cycles through six different illuminated colors to complement your favorite scents. Studies show that warm colors increase energy, while cooler colors impart peacefulness and harmony.

Choice of Five Relaxing Sounds
Natural, peaceful sounds help us relax. The Aroma Diffuser Elite plays five different sounds, including ocean waves, chirping birds, and a rushing waterfall. Under the calming effects of sound, light, and aroma, your stress will dissipate as your senses are invigorated.

Alarm Clock Function Helps You Awaken Peacefully
The Aroma Diffuser Elite is also an alarm clock–but not the usual kind. Add your favorite essential oil before bed and awake to a pleasing aroma and the natural sound of your choice.

Convenient Remote and Easy-to-Read LCD
Use the Aroma Diffuser Elite’s handy remote control to start, stop, or change sounds and colors or to turn on and off the aroma diffuser; stash the remote in the diffuser’s base when not in use. For further convenience, an extra-large LCD glows soothingly and is easy to read.

What’s in the Box
Aroma Diffuser Elite and AC adaptor cable.


Aroma Diffuser Elite
The included remote control can be stored inside the Aroma Diffuser Elite when not in use.


  • Relax by aroma, soothing color light and nature sounds
  • Advanced ultrasonic vapor diffusing technology with auto-shut off when water level is low
  • Infra-red remote control with easy hidden storage in the base of the machine
  • Digital alarm clock with large display for easy reading which you may set to wake up to your favorite scent or nature sound
  • 5 nature sounds
  • Advanced ultrasonic vapor diffusing technology
  • Auto-shut off when water level is low
  • Digital alarm clock with large display
  • Soothing color-changing lights

A delight to relax to and caress those tender parts of your inner self.
Oregon Scientific WS903 Aroma Diffuser and Sound Therapy Clock

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