First Aid For Asthma Attacks (1/3) – Mild attack

First Aid For Asthma Attacks (FAFAA) Part 1 of 3 – Professional video showing how to recognize and prevent escalation of mild asthma attacks. Info: https://ww…

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23 Responses to First Aid For Asthma Attacks (1/3) – Mild attack

  1. Eggy Hendriawan says:

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  2. Ashley Fakeem says:

    it isnt asthma i have then :( i knew it was something worse :( i can get exhausted by talking. or walk. or movements like bow down for pick something up. my heartbeat is also quite fast n beats so hard wen im exhausted could this be something worse? cuz i saw something about those symptoms in the tv that it could kill and where very dangerous?

  3. Sarah Eubanks says:

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  4. Yocheved Bat-Imedt says:

    Use reflexology as an assessment and preventive  tool. Make it a habit of applying reflexology on your feet when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed at nite. When there are no problems, those sites should not be painful. However, should you wake up one morning and notice it’s slightly painful or uncomfortable- know that it’s a sign of a possible impending asthma attack. Keep working those points until no longer discomfort. Carry extra water and make sure you carry your inhaler.

  5. Yocheved Bat-Imedt says:

    During a mild attack you would certainly be able to self administer reflexology, however during a moderate or severe attack you are right! That WOULD be the last thing on your mind. You would too focused on trying to breathe, so it would be difficult for you to self administer reflexology–some one else would have to give you a treatment. That’s why its important for you to inform your family, friends and co-workers about FAFAA the “CPR” for asthma attacks. Let them watch the video learn FAFAA.

  6. Yocheved Bat-Imedt says:

    thank you for your comment. Just so we’re clear–This is NOT a video for asthma management. It is a FIRST AID (the “CPR”) video for asthma. As far as I know there are no other “first aid” videos for asthma. I have not yet produced a video for asthma management, but please… you can feel free to read my book… “Golden Wings, Holistic Approach to Managing Asthma.”

  7. Yocheved Bat-Imedt says:

    That’s Right…FAFAA The “CPR” for asthma attacks!!!

  8. Yocheved Bat-Imedt says:

    Remember during a mild attack One of the important things you can do when you are in that stage is self administer reflexology treatment. In a moderate or severe stage, you are absolutely right! The last thing you are going to want to do is give yourself a reflexology treatment. Some one else would have to do that for you–as it would be difficult for you to self administer. That’s why it’s important to let your friends family and co workers know about FAFAA– THE CPR FOR ASTHMA ATTACKS!

  9. sarahjc1887 says:

    think the last thing on my mind when im having an attack is to poke around with my feet haha

  10. 1clubpenguinfan4ever says:

    People: FAFAA

  11. Sascha Hovens says:

    worst video i have ever seen for asthma management

  12. tallchick80 says:

    I’m watching this while having an asthma attack at this very moment and this is total B.S.! Foot pressure points? What a bunch of hogwash!

    The best thing that works for me is to keep calm, I make a tight “O” shape with my lips (like I’m using my inhaler) and I only do mouth breathing while I try to find an inhaler. I find just staying calm allows for me to not have to use my emergency inhaler most of the time.

    Asthma is terrible!

  13. Yocheved Bat-Imedt says:

    Great Satkajam and Blessings

  14. Yocheved Bat-Imedt says:

    The Buteyko Method is a Great protocol!!!

  15. buteykocenterUSA says:

    The Buteyko Method is a drug free breathing method that eliminates asthma symptoms without side effects. Buteyko Center USA is now offering a free download of the Asthma Cure Manual until the end of August, 2011, don’t miss this opportunity! Visit Buteyko Center USA online to learn more about this technique or call at 1.800.520.3450, breathe gently!

  16. satkajam says:

    thx for the vid i feel confident to help people when something happen in the future

  17. Shane TheMan says:

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  18. احمد صقر says:


  19. Shadowabliss says:

    Remember… when asthma attacks….FAFAA!!!

  20. Yocheved Bat-Imedt says:

    Thank You for your support. Blessings….

  21. OnePlusOneEquals3 says:

    Thank you Goddess for giving us this information

  22. chilledleo1 says:

    Thanks for sharing the video. It’s really the best gift to Humanity. May you live long with healthy life.

  23. nickolayer says:

    Though the DVD itself is not available for sale, the technique is a gift to humanity… Not bad.