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More information about this extraordinary solution may be found at MMS sales here  from which we quote:.

“We wish to clarify for you that MMS2, used correctly, WILL kill pathogens found in water supplies.

But please be aware that it is not going to work like a water ‘filtration’ process – whatever was in the water prior to using MMS2 to purify the water will still be there but any pathogens will be neutralised from being a threat.

Although this product is marketed as water purification, we are of course aware there are off label uses, particularly the Jim Humble protocols, and for this reason we are using a powder rather than the granule form more commonly found as a ‘pool shock’ (as that can contain UV stabilisers, and possibly some binders and anti-caking agents depending on the brand in question.)

For water purification, we have rated our MMS2 as one capsule treating 50 litres of water. In practise it should sanitise several times more, but this can be treated as a guideline.


MMS2 – Calcium Hypochlorite in powder form – is an excellent method to purify drinking water. The MMS2 capsules are very convenient to carry with you and to store. Below are the steps to follow in regard to using the Master Mineral Solution MMS2 capsules (also known as Miracle Mineral Solution and Miracle Mineral Supplement).
To purify drinking water with MMS2 (Calcium Hypochlorite)

– Add the contents of 1 capsule of MMS2 per 50 litres (13 US gallons) of water and wait 30 minutes.”

Jim Humble speaks about the benefits of MMS in this following video:

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