Mobility and Living Helps

It is a sad fact that for so many of us as we get older, our mobility deteriorates and our dexterity declines.  There are thankfully a range of everyday ‘helps’ that are now available – from  purpose designed kitchen utensils, for example, that hands struck with arthritis  find easier to use, through   to wheelchairs and scooters.

In its way, each ‘disability aid’ is intended to offer as much continued independence to the individual as possible so that they can for themselves  carry out the everyday activities ,which  perhaps have always been difficult for them or which have been ‘second nature’  to them for the preceding many years.

For readers in United Kingdom, I am happy to have come across  a company specialising in mobility helps, and there is a link to them below.  You will find helps in the following areas:

  • Daily Living Aids
  • Power Chairs
  • Wheelchairs
  • Scooters – with free delivery and 3 months insurance
  • Bariatry
  • Therapetic Aids
  • Kitchen, Bathroom and WC  Aids
  • Chairs and Beds
  • Stairlifts

…and more.

In short if you are facing a mobility or dexterity ‘issue’,  I feel that here is a company definitely worth visiting.

British Mobility
Please know that should you take a look at their extensive range and make a purchase through this link, I would receive a referral commission which helps offset website costs. Thank you.


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