Training video for FPOS (first person on scene)

First Responder Training – Scenario training using “live” casualties. We believe in adding a degree of realism to our training by running realistic scenarios…

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8 Responses to Training video for FPOS (first person on scene)

  1. benjamin wickens says:

    Anybody who doesn’t know what the ABC’s stand for, it’s Airway, Breathing, and Circulation.

  2. Ben Asack says:

    WTF no BSI.

  3. wcresponder says:

    This is no excuse for bad skills,Googled it and it is no different than the steps in any other basic first aid program.
    This had better been their first go round or they would have failed. Average response times are 10 minutes or less. This video showed no intervention of BLS/ALS.

  4. Jordan Redjep says:

    They’re first responding making sure he wont die in an instant and to administer first aid attention using only DR.sABC (google it) By this time the Paramedics should have arrived to continue medical care.

  5. wcresponder says:

    no Personel protection= 5 marks
    loss of manual stabilization = 5 marks …..2time 5 marks
    no Rapid body assessment = 5 marks
    improper wound care(shin)=5 marks
    no vitals taken = 5 marks
    back to the class room to get better.

  6. Brian Flan says:

    and leaving equipment on the ground! NOT STERILE!

  7. Brian Flan says:

    not a good video! NO SCENE SAFE OR BSI!

  8. heatherobertson213 says:

    like the realness in the training here but no body substance isolation no gloves is that not a common thing there