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My Travelling Medicine  Chest

Over the last few years I   have needed to travel to many of the remote and undeveloped areas in   Malawi.  Here the local people   live with depleted immune systems and    in a constant battle for health and survival in the face of the   vagaries of malnutrition and starvation, lack of  potable water, lack of sanitation, primitive shelter and the  threats   of disease.  The only doctors on   hand are the local witch doctors.  Qualified medical   services do not exist outside the major cities.
This short video , embedded from Youtube, offers a typical indication of village life conditions, except for the advantage it has over many settlements in being able to pump water from its village well.
Travelling and often living in these conditions, I considered it sensible to carry with me my own ‘travelling medicine cabinet’   so that I was able to treat myself at least, should the need arise.  Following discussion with several   Europeans who had travelled such paths before me, in which the most likely   threats to my health were identified, I finalised upon the following four   natural treatments and remedies to carry around with me.  I record too my experiences in using   them to deal with malaria, stomach/bowel infection, diarrhoea and skin/eye   complaints and minor cuts in the hope that this may be helpful to   others.

1.   Mineral Miracle Solution

Only a  very few drops are needed and must be very heavily diluted as instructed.

Having noted that,  MMS is brilliant for dealing   with bacteria and parasites. It is very valuable in washing out toxins.

Mineral Miracle Solution is a   water purifier, but used in minute drops, diluted with water, it has   pathogenic properties that can deal with many health issues. Sadly, because of   misunderstandings, refusals to undertake ‘clinical testings’ and also through   blind dismissal by many, its practical benefits have been sidelined by the   western medical world, albeit embraced by medics in eastern Europe.

So, MMS has become incredibly   contentious.

However I am personally delighted to   have become aware of it while on a trip to Africa and to have used it to solve   initially some health issues of my own before seeing successful outcomes among   native Malawians too..

For me personally, MMS dealt with an   early on attack of malaria in a matter of hours .   Encouraged by what  MMS achieved for me, and subsequently seeing the distress of several natives   in advanced stages of malaria,  I   administered it to them.      Even though these Africans were in advanced stages of malaria, they too   were better within hours.

So, through personal experience   I have come to know the effectiveness of MMS in relation to malaria.

I find it disappointing that the  ‘medical authorities’ seem ‘blind’ to acknowledging the health benefits of   MMS.

But it will remain an   essential treatment in my travelling medicine chest.

2.   Carbon

This can deal with a number of   stomach problems but my own experience was  successfully using it for diarrhoea in   place of a medicinal product.

Picking up a parasite bug is an   extremely unpleasant experience leading to diarrhoea, sickness and volumes of gas.  Living alongside native africans in remote situations can be a challenge for which the average europeans immune system is unpepared, and upset stomach disorders are not uncommon.

Fortunately carrying MMS with me I was able to deal with the parasite  and most   of the gas within 24 hours.

However I was left with   diarrhoea.  The side effects of medicinal drugs   always cause me to look elsewhere if at all possible.    Consequently I was   thrilled when someone gave me some Carbon tablets which  I found speedily dealt with   the problem.

Carbon has now become the  latest natural product to be added to   my ‘travelling’ medicine cabinet!

Word of mouth recommendation proved once again to be  the reliable form of advertising!    Spread the news.


3.   Aloe Vera

The product in my medicine   cabinet for the longest period of time has been Aloe Vera- which has anti-bacterial and  healing properties. Taken as a drink, it is  an energy  booster as well as helping to rectify a number of complaints – in particular skin   and digestive system complaints. Carrying a tube of pure Aloe Vera jelly is essential. It is an ideal immediate first aid for a wide range of health and injury problems.   I have used it on   skin problems, burns, bruises, cuts, stings – and for those who have not yet  used  it – I would point out that   it does sting when you put it on open cuts!

One of the most dramatic results was when I got an eye infection and proposed to put it in my eye.   Someone knowing that it can sting was shocked to think I would apply it to my   eye, and yes it did sting but only very mildly. The stinging went in a very   few minutes and the pain related to the infection went over night as I slept.   It took another few days or so for the infection to completely clear up, my  using the jelly every 3 – 4 hours.


4.   Propolis

My last product in the   Medicine Cabinet is Propolis.   This is a powerful, but natural, pro-biotic, sourced courtesy of bees who manufacture and use it to sterilise their hive.   So it is sometimes known as Bee Propolis. I use it constantly- in tablet   form – but there are capsules for those who prefer – and also  in its liquid form. As a liquid, propolis is usually supplied with a pipette  ‘dropper’  to facilitate application.   I have personally seen positive result when dealing with some skin problems and in   particular a fungus below the nails – fingers and toes.

An additional advantage of the liquid form is that a couple of drops can be added to orange juice to disguise the taste and it is then often more acceptable than a tablet to small children.

Being a pro-biotic means it   works to remove infections – but if taken daily  I have have found it a first class and effective preventative against colds, flu and other   infections.


So, that is it –  the contents of my Travelling Medicine Chest and some of my experiences in using its  natural remedy and treatment contents.

P Shellswell


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