Wellness in Winter – Propolis can Fend Off Those Colds

For many of us in the mid and higher latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere it is winter time. A time when sniffles and snuffles and coughs and colds are prevalent and spread among most communities and workplaces.

And how often do we find that we fight our way through work right up to the Christmas holiday, but as soon as we relax on day one of our break – Zap! A sniffle starts and we get bunged up with a cold? Happy holidays? Fraught misery!

What can we do to protect our good health and deal with a problem the moment it tries to settle upon us?

I really do want to sing the praises of Bee Propolis.Propolis at Work And hopefully the benefits that myself and my family have experienced over several years now may also be your experience too.

Taken modestly and regularly through the winter months propolis seems to build up a resistance in one’s system as it were, and it has proved a strong ‘preventative’ in keeping colds and flu at bay. On occasions when a virulent cold has shown a first sign of attacking, a fulsome and sustained intake of bee propolis has dealt with the attack and knocked it on the head within a day or two.

You can read a first hand account about bee propolis, what it is and what a wonderful result it provided for one particular lady here.

Here’s the small print if you will. As is the case for many natural products, they may not be effective for everyone. [ That of course is equally true of prescription drugs.] Each of us has an individual metabolism and has conditioned, influenced and ‘fine tuned’ our own bodies immune system, digestion, and responses as a result of our lifestyle and medication habits. We are predominantly a product of how we have lived. And we can have individual responses to naturopathic remedies and products.

One size does not necessarily fit all. For a few people, propolis may not have the same result as for the majority or may take longer to take effect.

As a family we are aware of many many individuals for whom propolis is their first port of call as a naturopathic preventative and as a naturopathic treatment in respect of infection. They, like us, regard it as an essential component of their ‘medicine cupboard’.

I commend propolis to you and you may discover further details if you wish from the selling agency we use here.

Stay well!


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